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bagID GO + Extra Attachmentplate

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+bagID GO
+Attachment plate
+USB C charging cable
+One-year limited warranty

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bagID GO is the first device that continuously tracks your bag around the globe, includes luggage treatment sensors to report rough handling, and a theft alarm if your bag disappears from your vicinity.

With an extra attachment plate you can deattach your bagID GO and attach it to another baggage. Perfect if you want to share it with someone or got different type of bags and suitcases.

bagID GO will in a temporary period be sold at discounted prices because the first users will help us collect data.
The data is retrieved automatically and will only be used to improve the product so that bagID GO will continuously adapt to the customer’s user behavior.In addition, the first users will have access to roaming subscriptions containing a number of features listed in the table below.

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Supports both iOS and Android

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Roaming subscription

bagID GO uses cellular connection on some of the features. We have therefore created a simple subscription
model for you on these features