bagID GO – Buy 12 months subscription, get 4 of them for free

1,949.00 kr

+bagID GO
+Attachment plate
+USB C charging cable
+One-year limited warranty

Add passport holder (+99.00 kr)


bagID GO is a smart device which replaces the need for paper tags and check-in machines. It is the first device that continuously tracks your bag around the globe.

  • Check in anywhere, whenever you want – Never use a check-in machine again.
  • Use the bagID GO as a tracking device both on and off-airport.
  • Get smart notifications before and during your journey:
    -Kind Reminders: Flight open for check in, ready to transfer bag tag to bagID GO, remember to charge device.
    -Flight information: Departure gate, delayed flight etc.
    -Location updates: Your baggage has landed on arrival, Your bag seems to be missing, etc
    -Baggage updates: At which baggage carousel you can expect to pick up your bag, Electronic reporting of lost luggage etc,.
  • Use it as personal name tag off-airport with your favorite picture along with your personal details.

Secure your bagID GO with a 12 months premium roaming subscription (more info below) and save 4 months subscription fee.


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Supports both iOS and Android

In the box

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Roaming subscription

bagID GO uses cellular connection on some of the features. We have therefore created a simple subscription
model for you on these features